Can Carlsbad Skunks Really Climb Fences?

Skunks are known for having a curious nature. Despite of that, they are actually poor climbers. Compared to the Carlsbad raccoons and squirrels, it is unlikely that you will find them in your chimney or attic. The design of their body is intended for digging insects that are found in the ground. They have formidable claws and strong legs that can easily dislodge the dirt on the ground. The skunks will usually be seen in the fields, pastures, and other setting that will not require them to climb.

The Spotted California Skunk Can Climb

Compared to the other types of Carlsbad skunk, the sported skunk has a smaller and lighter body that enables them to move fast. Their claws has successfully adapted that gives them a good grip when climbing trees. This makes it possible to encounter them in our attic. They are known to climb trees to have a taste of the honey from the bee hives. With their climbing skills, it will be easy for them to climb and rummage our garbage bin.

Fencing and Barriers

When trying to exclude the California animal from our property, you will have to consider their digging habit. As aforementioned, most skunks are poor climbers that they will sometimes be trapped on our window well. The barriers that you will install should be buried at about 1ft. below the ground. This will successfully deter their digging habit. You may use a hardware cloth or a mesh wire. Some of their favorite spot would be the space under the shed or porch. Installing chain-link fence will be an excellent barrier against the skunk.

Behavior of the Skunk

The striped California skunk has successfully adapted on the urban setting and they have become accustomed to the presence of human. In fact, they will build their den close to humans. If you have a chicken coop, they will be constantly harassing our chickens and will steal their eggs. They may be unable to climb but this has been offset by their digging ability. If you have a barricade that is not adequately buried under the ground, they can easily burrow under it. Having direct contact with them can be dangerous. Aside from the fact that they can release their spray that contains nauseating smell, they are also potential carrier of the rabies virus.

As you can see, Carlsbad fences will only be effective against the skunk if they are buried at around 1ft below the ground. Regardless of how high your fence is, they can easily burrow through it. There are also simple ways on how to discourage their presence in your yard. Simply removing the attractants such as the piles of woods and bushes will make our property less appealing. You can also control the population of insect that attract the attention of the skunks. In case you encounter them in your yard, avoid approaching them. Their spray can cause temporary blindness. You can also acquire rabies from an infected skunk. Calling the professionals will still be the better option. 

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