Ways to Stop the Squirrels from Chewing Plants

Squirrels are one of the most common urban Carlsbad animals in the US. While it is sometimes entertaining to watch them in their natural setting, there are instances that they can be nuisance. The squirrels will be able to cause destruction in your property in multiple ways. They can chew various materials in your house and they can also eat your plants. Fortunately, there are different methods that you can use to deter their chewing habits.

How to Stop the Squirrels Form Chewing Materials in Your House

In case you noticed chew marks in your California house especially in your wood deck, there is a good chance that the squirrels will be doing this again. You need to make your place less-irresistible by using simple methods.

Make It Challenging for Them

If the materials are accessible to the squirrels, there is a good chance that they will acquire damage from the squirrel infestation. By making things more difficult to them, they will choose a place that is more available to them. You may wrap the wood materials with aluminum flashing. This tough material will prevent them from sinking their teeth into your precious possessions. 

Using Carlsbad Deterrents

Machine deterrents can be effective but only for a limited time. Devices that release blinding lights and loud sounds will frighten them but eventually, they will be accustomed to the sounds and lights and they will eventually return to your house. Squirrels hate the presence of human activities. You may play a radio on the area that is suffering from infestation. Be sure to turn it to the talk station. They will find it uncomfortable staying in your area. 

Stopping the Squirrels from Chewing Your Plants

Usually, the California squirrels will be eating the leftovers, seeds, nuts, etc. in your garden. However, if there is a scarcity of food supply, they will start eating the foliage in your garden. They can affect the growth rate of your seedlings and destroy the leaves of the plants. Here are some ways to keep your plants safe from the attack of the squirrels.


Spray repellents can thwart the infestation of the squirrels but only for a limited period. Using spray repellents that contain capsaicin or simply spreading hot sauce on your plant will make the taste undesirable. You will have to sprinkle it all over your property. Reapplication is necessary once you noticed that the scent has been dispersed. 


There are different barriers that you can use to stop them from damaging your California plants. For instance, you can use plant cage to keep them safe from the teeth of the squirrels. They can also chew the bark of the trees that will affect the nutrition and moisture content of the tree. You may cover the trunk of the tree with a steel plate or any materials that will prevent them from gaining traction.

In case none of these methods work, it is time to hire the assistance of the Carlsbad experts. They can deliver a range of services that will resolve your unique situation.

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